• Ready-to-use hydrophobic agent based on a siloxane
  • Non film-forming, colorless and invisible
  • Reduces water absorption
  • Good penetration capacity
  • Effective even on damp surfaces
  • Tack-free drying
  • Rapid development of hydrophobia
  • Reduces efflorescence and soiling on facades
  • Improves frost and de-icing salt resistance
  • High resistance to alkalis
  • Brushable and sprayable
  • Solvent containing
  • Can be applied in at least two work steps


  • For the hydrophobic treatment of alkaline, cement-bound surfaces, such as concrete, aerated concrete, sand-lime brick, cement fiber boards
  • For hydrophobizing young concrete in the precast plant
  • For water-repellent treatment of concrete cosmetic fillers
  • For the hydrophobic treatment of clay products and roof tiles
  • For hydrophobicity of mineral plasters and natural stones (preliminary tests required!)


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