Sewer rehabilitation on Jersey

Jersey - Great Britain

The island of Jersey is the largest and most populous of the Channel Islands. A British crown dependency, it lies in the bay of St. Malo, famed for its enormous tidal range of 12 to 13 metres. The effect of seawater on the coastal sewerage system has always been significant, with infiltration and exfiltration of waste water repeatedly occurring in the past.
For 10 years, Drainway Services Ltd. has been responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the sewerage network and the prevention of damage to its components. Most recently, in April 2018, several hundred metres of sewers in the promenade area of the small town of Gorey on the east coast of Jersey were rehabilitated with Konudur Homeliner and Konudur 170 TL-NV, MC's thermoreactive epoxy resin.
Trenchless sewer rehabilitation with the Konudur system

Konudur Homeliner offers an ideal solution for trenchless sewer rehabilitation. The system involves a flexible hose carrier (=liner) made of corrosion-resistant synthetic and/or glass fibres being impregnated with reaction resins and introduced via a shaft or pipe opening into the sewer section to be rehabilitated.

Trenchless sewer rehabilitation with the Konudur system on the island Jersey
Trenchless sewer rehabilitation with the Konudur system on the island Jersey
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Drainway Services Ltd. opted for Konudur 170 TL-NV, a low viscosity, two-component epoxy resin for impregnating and fulling the DN 375 liners, because this MC product offers proven benefits in the form of rapid, shrinkage-free curing and hardening combined with a long pot life. It also impresses with its high strength and can be used on dry and damp mineral or metallic substrates. It took just two weeks to repair several hundred meters of sewerage in this latest campaign. The rehabilitation measures in Jersey improve not only the efficiency of the sewerage system, but also the seawater quality for bathers.

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    Sewer rehabilitation on Jersey

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